:: Naughty or Nice Blind Bag Classroom Treats :: Christmas Prank Idea for Kids ::

Here’s a simple way to find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice!

:: Here’s What You’ll Need ::

(NICE) Red Strawberry Twizzlers (bite sized preferably or you can cut regular sized ones)
(NAUGHTY) Black Licorice Bite Size Twists
Paper cutter (optional)
Colored Strings
Hole Puncher
Tissue Papers
Clear Treat Bags
Which One Are You? Blind Bag Treat PRINTABLE Tags on regular or cardstock paper
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::  What To Do ::

Place one sheet of red tissue paper behind the white tissue paper. Hold them together as you cut vertically and then horizontally, creating 4 sets of squares. One set is for one treat bag. Repeat with as many treat bags you need to make.

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Print the Which One Are You?  PRINTABLE TAGS  on regular or cardstock paper, cut them out using scissors or paper cutter, and punch a hole on the corner.

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Fill treat bags with black and red licorice. To be fair, I created an equal amount of bags of each. (For about 25 treat bags, I used less than a big bag of red Twizzlers and about 3 Panda black licorice bags. They were out of the bite sized Twizzlers, so I cut them.) This will allow them to rip open the tissue paper (next step) to reveal if they were naughty or nice, but allow them to save the treats in the bag, to eat as they’d like.

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Place the filled treat bags on the pair of cut out tissue papers to wrap them up. To make sure that no one can figure out what is inside of each bag, I placed some with the white tissue paper on the outside and some with red tissue paper on the outside.

Naughty or Nice Blind Bag Christmas Treats by oh! rubbish! blog

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Then tie off each bag with different colored strings. This will make sure no one can figure out which bag has what.


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Then slip on a tag through the punched hole and tie off.

This is a really silly prank and fun activity to do with the kids! Kids get a kick out of trying black licorice!
Regardless, and particularly if kids are young, I’d suggest having a yummy treat afterwards, like fun size M&M’s!

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