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How to Lose Weight Without Changing Diet

:: How to Lose Weight Without Changing Diet…Seriously! :: Tips Keeping Your New Years Resolution ::

Did you know that by January 15th, 95% of the people who have made a New Years resolution have broken it already? Perhaps it’s because we put such a drastic change and demand on our bodies, that makes it nearly impossible to keep! That’s why I’m never on a diet…nor do I make New Years resolutions! I simply make the following… Read more →

Regular Bra --- > Racerback Bra by: oh! rubbish! blog

:: Useful Tips Everyday Life :: How to Turn Your Regular Bra into a Racerback Bra & MORE!!

  Whether you forgot to pack your racerback bra, or you simply just don’t have one…here’s a quick fix to your problem! And all you need….is just a paperclip (large ones work best!). Simply overlap both straps together (like you would 2 sheets of paper) and slide the paperclip over them. Each strap should end up on each side of each… Read more →


::KEEP JACK HAPPY:: How To Preserve Your Carved Pumpkin :: Helping Your Jack-o-Lantern Survive ‘Til Halloween::

:: How To Preserve Carved Pumpkins :: So you carved your pumpkin! It looks awesome! But, after a few days, it’s not looking so good anymore. And if you live in a warmer climate, like Miami, it’s looking even worse! Luckily, all you need is your kitchen sink and some bleach! ::How To Preserve Pumpkins ::  Fill your kitchen sink… Read more →