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Upcycled DIY Personalized Pinata

:: Easy DIY Pinata Ideas :: How to Get a Regular Piñata to Match Any Theme or Occasion!

 Can’t find the perfect piñata or one to match a particular theme? No problem! Find a simple one or upcycled one. ..and transform it into one of your own! With just some wrapping paper, scrapbooking decorative paper and/or printed clip arts, scissors and a glue stick, you can personalize your piñata for any occasion, even if they don’t sell them or you… Read more →

birthday morning surprise idea by oh! rubbish! blog

:: Birthday Morning Surprise Ideas :: SURPRISE!!! Birthday Balloon Ideas ::

There’s nothing like waking up on the morning of your birthday with a SURPRISE!!!! { It kind of sets the entire mood for the rest of the day! }   :: Here’s what you’ll need for this birthday surprise idea :: Small Balloons Crepe Paper Tape Paper Markers :: STEP 1 :: Using the crepe paper, tape one end of it to the headboard/footboard of… Read more →