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April Fools Day Class Favors with Disappearing Ink :: by oh! rubbish! blog

:: April Fools Day Class Favors :: Disappearing Magic Ink Prank Gift Idea ::

The best gifts…are the unexpected ones! This is why these April Fools’ Day class favors are a great prank gift idea! :: Here’s What You’ll Need :: Magic Disappearing Ink Bottles April Fools Day Class Favors Printable Scissors Tape or glue :: April Fools Day Pranks Kids :: Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks :: :: Here’s What To Do ::… Read more →

:: April Fool’s Lunchbox Prank :: :: Gummies Switcheroo :: :: April Fools Pranks Kids ::

April Fool’s Pranks School :: Gummies Switcheroo :: Carefully open the bottom part of the gummy bags or any other snacks your child or friend might prefer. Switch the gummies or snacks inside. Write a little note on a small paper, like “April Fool’s Day!” or “Gotcha!”. Then, reseal the package using a low temperature glue gun. :: Good April… Read more →