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Star Wars Birthday Party Game Ideas by oh! rubbish! blog

:: Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas :: Invitation, Games & Activities :: Printables ::

Nothing sets the tone of an AMAZING STAR WARS BIRTHDAY PARTY, like an invitation that is just like the intro in the Star Wars movies! And YES this is a MOVIE…it MOVES, not just an image! To personalize and create your own STAR WARS CRAWL INTRODUCTION INVITATION for FREE you can visit the Star Wars website by clicking here. This… Read more →

DC Super Friends Birthday Party Games & Activities by oh! rubbish! blog

:: DC Super Friends Birthday :: Games & Activities :: Superhero Party Ideas ::

CALLING ALL If you’re planning a DC Super Friends Party, or even a super heroes themed party, then you’ll want to read the following games and activities! You’re guests will leave feeling like they do have SUPER POWERS! :: Superhero Birthday Party Ideas :: The Joker is at it again! He’s managed to switch and mix up everybody’s super powers! (So… Read more →

Scooby Doo Party Food Ideas oh! rubbish! blog

:: Scooby Doo Party Food Ideas :: Scooby Doo Birthday Party :: Printables ::

Here are a few Scooby-Doo Party Themed Food Ideas for your next party! …with printables of course!   You can purchase these 3 foot subs from Subway. You just need to call to place an order ahead of time and make sure your local store makes them. :: How to Make this Swamp Dip ::  Cut fresh french bread in slices about… Read more →

Scooby Doo Mystery Party by oh! rubbish! blog

:: Scooby Doo Party Ideas :: Games & Activities :: Scooby Doo Mystery Game ::

If you’re looking for Scooby-Doo party activity and game ideas….I’ve got the COMPLETE PARTY details, from beginning to end! With a house full of kids, I didn’t want one moment to go unplanned! So here it is…You can thank me later in the comments section! Scooby-Doo Mystery Party KIDS ARRIVE:  Introduce yourself…”Hi, __________! So glad you could make it! I’m… Read more →

Upcycled Comic Banner by oh! rubbish! blog3

:: Lego Birthday Banners :: Using Upcycled Lego Club Jr. Magazines ::

Looking for Lego banner ideas? Here’s an inexpensive and simple project you can put together for your child’s next birthday party! :: Here’s What You’ll Need :: Lego Club, Lego Club Jr. Magazines or any other Lego books Colored masking tapes (or one color will do) Yarn Scissors Paper Cutter (optional) :: STEP 1 :: Cut your yarn according to the… Read more →

:: Upcycled Repurposed Comic Book & Plastic Bottle Bracelet :: DIY :: Comic Strip Bangles :: How To ::

DIY:: Comic Strip Bangles Upcycle a plastic bottle and comic book into a bangle bracelet! This is great for any Marvel Super Hero party ideas and DC Super Friends party as well. Look through your upcycled comic books and find images that are appealing to you and fit in the width of the bangle (1.5″).   Using really sharp scissors, cut off the… Read more →

:: Lego Minifigure Garland :: Lego Banner Printable :: Free Printable Birthday Banners Kids ::

Free Lego Printables Birthday Banners Looking for free Lego party printables?  Well, then you are in the right place! Click here for the printable Lego birthday banner or scroll down and right click “save as” to save onto your desktop. Make sure you print your onto yellow cardstock paper for durability. Please note that 3 printed pages = approx. 5 feet long garland/banner.… Read more →

:: Lego Themed Birthday Party Games :: Free Lego Party Printables :: Lego Party Games Kids ::

  Are you having a Lego themed birthday party? I’ve got you covered! Here is a free printable of  Lego birthday party games that incorporates ALL LEGO THEMES! It includes over 18 Lego Challenges that include most of the Lego products like: Lego DC Super Heroes, Lego City, Lego Cars, Lego Minifigures, Lego Creator, Lego Spongebob, Lego Duplo, Lego Monster Fighters, Lego… Read more →

Lego Minifigure Templates for Plates and Cups

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:: Lego Minifigure Face Stencils :: Free Printable Templates for Plates and Cups :: Lego Birthday Party Supplies ::  Step 1: Print out the templates below. Step 2: Cover with contact paper or mailing tape.  Step 3: Cut out the black areas with an x-acto knife. Step 4: Place stencil over your plate and/or cups and color in with a… Read more →

DIY:: Lego Birthday Candles :: Create Lego Minifigure Candles :: Lego Birthday Party Theme ::

Looking for unique one of a kind Lego candles? Let me show you how you can make them! All you need is this silicone mold and a box of candles. First, melt candles in a glass jar in microwave until liquid. BE CAREFUL! The jar gets EXTREMELY HOT! :: Tips and tricks to clean wax off :: When you are ready… Read more →