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Are you having a Lego themed birthday party? I’ve got you covered!

Here is a free printable of  Lego birthday party games that incorporates ALL LEGO THEMES! It includes over 18 Lego Challenges that include most of the Lego products like: Lego DC Super Heroes, Lego City, Lego Cars, Lego Minifigures, Lego Creator, Lego Spongebob, Lego Duplo, Lego Monster Fighters, Lego Racers, Lego Games, Lego Master Builder Academy, Lego Ninjago, Lego Alien Conquest, Lego Hero Factory, Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lego Star Wars, Lego Dino, Lego Galaxy Squad, and more! Just print and paste on index cards to have on-hand the day of the party and/or incorporate the images along with your birthday pictures to enhance your scrapbook pages!

Lego City Challenge:: Skyscraper Legos:: Build a skyscraper with Legos. The team that builds the tallest Lego building before it falls wins! Free lego party printables. Lego Birthday Printables.
Lego Creator Challenge:: Mixed Up Lego Models:: Birthday boy/girl puts 4 bricks together however he/she wants, passes it to child on left, who adds 3 more, and & continue until Legos finish. Each says a name for the new creation! All who participate win!  
Lego Cars Challenge:: Water Balloon Relay Race:: Race across, sit on a water balloon and race back. Team to complete challenge first wins! Lego Party Game Ideas. Lego Free Printables. 
Lego Hero Factory Challenge:: Guess How Many Legos in the Jar? :: Winner gets a SPECIAL surprise! Lego Party Games Birthday.
Lego Alien Conquest Challenge:: Lego Abduction:: By sucking on a Lego through a straw, transfer Legos from one plate to another. Team who transfers the most wins! Lego Party Game. Legos Kids Games.
Monster Fighters Challenge:: Mummy Dress Up :: Using wet newspaper scraps help mummify your friend! All who participate win! Lego Games Lego Party. Lego Kids Games.  
Lego Super Heroes Challenge:: DC Universe Super Heroes:: DC Super Friends :: Super Hero Ice Cube Melt :: Mr. Freeze has frozen Batman and Robin! Rub the ice cube between your hands as long as possible to try to make it melt. When it gets too cold, pass on to the next child. All who help unfreeze Batman & Robin win!
Lego Spongebob Squarepants Challenge:: Spongebomb Tag :: Throw wet sponges (carry along with a bucket of water) to tag other players. Once hit, you are the new Spongebomber! All who participate win!
Lego Duplo Challenge:: Lego Duplo Toss:: Toss Lego Duplo’s into a bucket. Team who makes the most in the bucket wins!
Lego Galaxy Squad Challenge:: Beach Ball Water Gun Target Practice :: Shoot beach balls with water guns. Team who gets their beach ball across the finish line first wins!
Lego Dino Challenge:: Lego Scavenger Hunt:: Find the hidden Legos. Team who finds the most wins!
Lego Star Wars Challenge:: Jedi Lightsaber Training :: Using pool noodle lightsabers to keep the balloons off the grass and from popping for 5 seconds. Whoever succeeds wins!
Lego Ninjago Challenge:: Lego Chopsticks:: Transfer Legos from one Chinese take-out box to another using chopsticks. Team who transfers the most wins!
Lego Games Challenge:: Get your marble through the Lego maze and win!
Lego Minifigures Challenge:: Beach Time Lego Minifigures Photo Shoot:: Run across with a beach bag filled and lawn chair. Set up chair. Sit. Put on Minifigure mark. Open Lego Club Magazine. Say “Legos!” to take a picture! Repack, return and give to the next person. All who participate win!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Challenge:: TMNT Challenge:: Sewer Lego Transfers :: Transfer Legos through sewers (clear plastic tube). Team who transfers the most wins! Lego Water Games. Lid wWater Gamges.
Lego Master Builder Academy Challenge:: Lego Minifigure Art:: Color, draw & decorate your own Lego Minifigure! All who participate win!
Lego Racers Challenge:: Lego Minifigure Spoon Race:: Carry a Lego Minifigure on a spoon safely (without dropping it) from one side to the other. All who succeed win! 

::More Games:: 

:: Frozen Feet:: Dump piles of ice cubes into shallow part or edge of pool. Need to get ice into buckets using only their feet. 
:: Water Limbo with Hose ::
:: Water Balloon Yo-Yo’s :: Fill water balloons, half water, half air and then tie with rubber band.
:: Water Balloon Pinata :: {pin-aqua} :: Balloons filled with treats in ziplocs. Whack balloons with pinata stick!
::Wind-up Toy Race ::
Water Balloon Toss:: (poke small hole with needle then add water) Play similar to hot potato but water balloons have small hole. Don’t want to be left with balloon when it runs out of water! 

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