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Upcycled Flower Power Rings by oh! rubbish! blog

:: Upcycled Flower Power Rings :: Using Ring Pops + Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce + Water Bottles ::

:: Upcycled Jewelry Projects :: :: DIY Upcycling Projects :: :: VERSION 1 ::        :: Here’s How You Do It :: All you need is an upcycled ring from Ring Pops and the twist off cap from Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce and some hot glue gun…of course!   It can’t get easier than this, truly! Twist off the… Read more →

Upcycled Bottle Cap Tambourine Musical Instrument by oh rubbish blog

:: Tambourine Stick :: Upcycled Musical Instruments :: Homemade Recycled Instruments ::

 Make a Tambourine Stick using upcycled bottle caps, wire hanger and a tree branch! :: Here’s What You’ll Need :: * Upcycled wire hanger * Upcycled bottle caps * Y-shaped piece of a tree branch * Yarn/string (optional) * Pliers (make sure it has side cutter tool for cutting wires) * Hammer * Hot glue gun * Self healing mat or padded surface… Read more →

:: DIY :: Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet :: Recycled Jewelry Ideas ::

Whether you are looking for Wonder Woman costume accessories, Wonder Woman cuff bracelets, recycled jewelry projects or a super hero bracelet for your next DC Super Friends birthday party, here’s a quick and easy project for you! :: Here’s what you’ll need ::    * Upcycled cardboard from a mailing/packaging tape or Duct Tape. (TIPS: Slide your hand in to make… Read more →

:: Upcycled TIC TAC® Container:: Super Hero :: Super Power Drops :: Birthday Party Favor Ideas :: Fun Kids Stuff ::

 Whether you’re looking for Marvel super hero party ideas, super hero gift ideas for your party, super hero crafts to make at home with your kids, or perhaps you are having a DC Super Friends birthday party?…These SUPER POWER DROPS will give all your little SUPER HEROES all the SUPER POWERS they ever wished they had!   :: Here’s What You’ll Need :: * 8… Read more →

Super Power Super Hero Rings :: Upcycled Plastics :: Milk Caps & Ring Pop Candy :: DC Super Friends Birthday Party Favors

DIY:: DC Superhero Rings Here’s a simple and great way to make your own custom superhero rings! You can make superhero rings for: The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Twins, Batgirl, Superman, DC Super Friends, Plastic Man, Supergirl, Aquaman, Cyborg, Robin and/or unite them all with a Super Powers ring as well! :: What you’ll need :: Upcycled… Read more →