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25 April Fools Day Pranks by oh rubbish blog

1. Want a LifeSavers Candy?

 +  = DieSavers

Open one end of the foil wrapper and take out two LifeSavers candies. Peel a clove of garlic and slice it in half. Rub the juicy side all over ONE of the candies.  Put the candy on a plate to dry for about 10 minutes (make sure to wash your hands after!).  Put the garlic-coated candy back in the pack facing down, place the untouched candy after it and close the foil. Make sure you pay attention to which side you did this on.
WHEN YOU’RE READY TO PULL THE PRANK : Open the package, eat one candy and then make sure you are courteous and generous enough to offer one to your friend.
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2. Honk! Honk!
HONK! HONK! printable by oh rubbish blog

Tape this printable to the back window of your car. Don’t let your target know…and keep them wondering why everyone keeps honking!
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3. Mouse Trap

Place a small piece of a post-it paper to the bottom of the computer mouse so that it covers the little light. When your target tries to use the mouse, it won’t work!
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4. What Time Is It?

Switch all the times on the clocks in your house and in your car.
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5. Dribble Can

Use a pushpin to poke a tiny hole in the side of one can about 3/4 of an inch from the top, on the side where the tab opens.  WHEN YOU’RE READY TO PULL THE PRANK: Grab a can and sip your drink, as you politely offer your target the other poked hole one!
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6. Freeze!

Freeze half of their cereal bowl or cup, the night before with milk. In the morning, add the cereal and milk to the remaining half of the cereal bowl or just milk to the remaining half of the cup. They’ll get to enjoy half of it! This is a great one for little ones!
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7. Fake Bird Turd


+   =     

Mix equal parts of puff paint and Elmer’s white glue together in a cup.  Pour a drop of this mixture onto a piece of waxed paper. Take a pinch of salt and scatter a few grains on the mixture. Then repeat with the pepper (don’t put too much!). When the paint is completely dry (and make sure it does so it won’t stain), peel off the wax paper with your fingernail.  Then…get creative–but realistic, and leave it on someone’s hat, jacket, books, or lunch! Eww!
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8. Mixed Up Dinner


Toast slices of pound cake and spread orange frosting in the middle for “GRILLED CHEESE”.  And as the perfect side dish, you can also toast strips of pound cake for “FRIES” and allow them to dip into red frosting “KETCHUP”.
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9. Messages from Beyond!

This is perfect the one who loves to take steamy showers! Decide what message you would like to write “I see you”, “Help!”, “Watch Out!”. Then dip a cotton swab in lemon juice (make sure it’s not soaked so it won’t drip when you write). Then write your message.
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 10. Snack Switcheroo

Switch ANY kind of foods they normally eat with a different one. Check out my post here to see how. This one is great for the little ones.
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11. Just plain Ew!

Petroleum jelly! That’s it! If you don’t know that’s what you’re touching, its just plain EW! Place in on doorknobs, handles (cabinets or toothbrushes) or even the toilet seat! Just make sure you spread a THIN coating of it!
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12. Non-Sudsing Soap

Apply clear nail polish to the entire bar of soap. Let dry. No matter how hard they try, this soap won’t sud!
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13. Hey! I found a quarter!

or maybe NOT! Squeeze a little super glue onto the back of the quarter and press  the quarter on the sidewalk or pavement where you would like this spectacular event to take place.  Make sure you allow it to dry for a few minutes after that. Then sit back and watch how many people try to pick it up!

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14. Freak Out!


Get your hands on any fake bugs (dollar store carries a lot of them) or get these like pictured above, that actually crawl! Then just put them in all the most unexpected places…drawers, lunchboxes, shoes…!
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15. Why isn’t this working?

Use any shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sanitizer bottle with a top that screws on and a little spout that you pull up or press down to open. Carefully cut a small piece of plastic wrap, bigger than the bottle opening. Unscrew the cap on the bottle. place the piece of plastic wrap over the bottle opening and carefully screw the cap back on. Make sure you test that it works!
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16. Caramel Onions

Instead of using apples for this tasty dessert, use yellow onions!

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17. This drink sucks!

Actually, it doesn’t suck! Use a pushpin to poke a tiny hole near the top of your target’s straw–making sure not to push all the way through the other side of the straw.

18. Growth Spurt

Put balls of toilet paper inside the tips of their shoes. They won’t be able to put on their shoes, no matter how hard they try! This one is great for little ones!

19. It’s pouring…inside!

Open your target’s umbrella and turn it upside down so that tip is on the floor. Add a few handfuls of cereal or confetti inside. Close the umbrella and make sure to fasten it shut.

20. Surprise BrowniEs


Tell your kids you made them a special batch of brownies and then reveal the letters “E” cut out from brown paper. This is a great one for little ones.

21. Balancing Act


Fill two cups about halfway with water. Tell your target you want them to help you balance these two cups on your hands. Give your target the cups and hold your hands in front of you, PALMS DOWN.  Have your target attempt to do this. Once they succeed, then tell them “let’s see if you can do it”.  Do the same thing as before except when your target has their hands PALMS DOWN with both cups of water on them, you walk away!

22. iPad Prank

Tell your kids you got them an iPad!

23. Sleep Tight!

When your target gets into bed and tries to stretch out their legs, they won’t be able to! They feet will be stuck in the folded sheet! To do this short-sheeting prank, take off the bedspread, blanket, pillows and top sheet. Spread the top sheet on the bed so the end that usually goes at the top is at the bottom. If there’s a design on it, it should be facing up. Make sure there is plenty of sheet sticking out at the top and tuck that part under the mattress. Now fold the top sheet almost in half by bringing the bottom edge up toward the top, so it’s even with the edge of the mattress. Put the blanket on and fold the top edge of the sheet over it. If there is a design, it should show. Tuck in all the edges of the sheet and blanket. Make sure the sheet is pulled tight. Now put the pillow and bedspread back where they belong.


24. Sleeping Switcheroo

After your kids fall asleep, put them in each other’s beds, or place their mattress somewhere else in the house.


25. Bed Bugs!

Use cold water to make 8-10 small water balloons. You want to fill the balloons but only enough that they are still rather flat. Dry them off and place in the fridge until you’re ready to prank! Sneak into your target’s bed, pull back the sheets and place the cold water balloons in the middle of the bed so their feet will touch them when they get into bed. Put the sheet and blanket back and make sure the balloons don’t show under the blankets. Creepy!

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