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Tooth Fairy Apology Letter by oh! rubbish! blog

:: Tooth Fairy Apology Letter :: Teeny Tiny Excuse Note from the Tooth Fairy :: Printable ::

An Apology Letter from The Tooth Fairy? Yes! because even the Tooth Fairy needs to make up excuses every now and then! :: Here’s What You’ll Need :: Paper Scissors Toothpick (optional) Dental Floss (optional) Letter of Excuse from The Tooth Fairy Printable :: Tooth Fairy Late Letter :: Tooth Fairy Free Printable :: There’s a reason why The Tooth… Read more →

Magic Mail Stationery Kit

:: Hallmark Magic Mail :: Product Review :: Northpole Magic Mail Stationery Kit ::

This is one of those amazingly magical products!! The kind you wished you had when you were a kid! Hallmark has really outdone themselves this time! This Magic Mail Stationery is just that….MAGICAL!  You get to write to Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Elves,  North Pole Baker, North Pole Weatherman, and/or Reindeer Trainer and they write back! The best part is that is that the mailbox… Read more →

:: April Fool’s Lunchbox Prank :: :: Gummies Switcheroo :: :: April Fools Pranks Kids ::

April Fool’s Pranks School :: Gummies Switcheroo :: Carefully open the bottom part of the gummy bags or any other snacks your child or friend might prefer. Switch the gummies or snacks inside. Write a little note on a small paper, like “April Fool’s Day!” or “Gotcha!”. Then, reseal the package using a low temperature glue gun. :: Good April… Read more →