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An Apology Letter from The Tooth Fairy? Yes! because even the Tooth Fairy needs to make up excuses every now and then!

:: Here’s What You’ll Need ::

Toothpick (optional)
Dental Floss (optional)

Letter of Excuse from The Tooth Fairy Printable
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The Tooth Fairy Excuse Letter

There’s a reason why The Tooth Fairy didn’t come last night…And it’s usually because she heard someone waking up!

First, you need to figure out who's to blame...mom, dad, or the child him/herself!

Sorry I missed you yesterday! 
But I heard (your mom, your dad, or you) waking up 
and had to leave before (she, he, or you) saw me!
                          --The Tooth Fairy

                                                                                    (by: oh! rubbish! blog -FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!)

Tooth Fairy Apology Letter by oh! rubbish! blog:: Here’s What To Do ::
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Depending on the age of the child and/or their attention to detail, you can use the teeny tiny note or the bigger one on the printable. You can also print it on bright colored paper, so it’s more eye catching! Or you can turn the note into a tiny scroll tied off with dental floss!

Tooth Fairy Apology Letter by oh! rubbish! blogTo do the scroll, use a toothpick to roll up note.
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And tie it off with dental floss!
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Tooth Fairy Apology Letter by oh! rubbish! blog

To make sure the scroll doesn’t get lost or overlooked, first fold your bill in half, and then half again. Then tie off the bill with dental floss.
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Then insert one of the floss ends through the middle of scroll and tie it off.
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Tooth Fairy Apology Letter by oh! rubbish! blog

Insert your bill in your tooth fairy pillow or place under their pillow.
Thank you Tooth Fairy, for making it right!

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