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Here’s an easy way to catch that Leprechaun!

::Here’s what you’ll need::


FOR THE GOLD: Paint some pebbles with metallic gold paint. Let dry. FOR THE POT: Using an upcycled Jell-o plastic container, cut it in half and cover with black paper. Tape in place.  Note: You don’t want to make your pot of gold too heavy so that it doesn’t push through the trap flaps. Also, once you make your gold, you can keep using it every year, but with a different trap:)

Leprechaun Traps Kids

Using a square shipping box (works best since it has flaps and is sturdy!). Cut off the top upper opposite flaps, so you only stay with the bottom lower opposite flaps (see picture).Cover your box with a paper of your choice. Print and affix the “No Leprechauns Allowed!” sign provided. You can also add additional decorating details of your choice (I added some patterned paper strips).  Cool Leprechaun Trap Ideas. 

Kids Leprechaun Trap

Using upcycled paint chips found in your local paint store, Home Depot or Lowe’s, arrange, glue and cut into a rainbow shape. Affix this to the back of the box.

Catch Leprechaun Trap

Place the pot of gold in front of the rainbow and in the middle of the box. We also used a toy ladder (we borrowed Batman’s ladder from the Batcave), or make a ramp with any object you’d like, to help guide the leprechaun to the gold. Any sudden movements or just a little more weight, will bring the leprechaun and all down into the trap! Now, all you have to do is...wait, to catch that leprechaun!  Making Leprechaun Trap

Build Leprechaun Trap Kids
Leprechaun Trap Project Ideas

This is the trap in action!
Let me know if you anyone has any luck catching that leprechaun!
Leprechaun Trap Ideas Kids


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