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Here’s a twist on your Easter egg projects…EGGS-PERIMENTS!!!

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 :: Egg Float Experiment ::


Can an egg float? Have your kids make predictions. But…the answer is NO! But…you CAN make it float! Have your kids make predictions again. Then add tablespoons of salt, one at a time, until you see it float (approx. 15 tbsp.). There’s another way you can make it float…read on.

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What happens when you leave an egg soaking in vinegar overnight?  Hmmm….wouldn’t it be cool to be able to actually see inside the egg without breaking it? Is that REALLY possible? Yep! Place an egg in a clear jar (so you can observe) and make sure it is completely covered in vinegar. Ask your kids to make predictions on what will happen. Allow it to soak overnight in vinegar.
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egg-SPERIMENT by oh rubbish blogWhat happened?

The egg will become covered in bubbles…eventually allowing the egg to float in the vinegar (Yes–another way to make your egg float!). But, the cool part is that the next day, the outer shell will become completely dissolved by the vinegar, leaving only the membrane that surrounds the actual egg inside. Results? You will not only be able to see the egg inside, but the egg will feel soft and rubbery-like.

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