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:: Easter Bunny Trail Ideas :: Unique Easter Basket Ideas :: Easter Bunny Letter ::

Looking for different Easter Bunny gift ideas? I’ve got you covered! Here you can still get the traditional items, but in a whole new way! (This poem is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission from the author…that’s me!) :: Here’s What You’ll Need :: All sorts of chocolate, candies, treats and any gift… Read more →

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:: 2 Egg Experiment Ideas for Easter :: Egg Science Experiments ::

  Here’s a twist on your Easter egg projects…EGGS-PERIMENTS!!!  :: Egg Float Experiment :: :: EGGS-PERIMENT #1 :: Can an egg float? Have your kids make predictions. But…the answer is NO! But…you CAN make it float! Have your kids make predictions again. Then add tablespoons of salt, one at a time, until you see it float (approx. 15 tbsp.). There’s… Read more →