:: 20 Easter Egg Games :: Fun Plastic Egg Games for Kids ::

Whether you’re looking for Easter game ideas, or you’re just tired of looking at those plastic eggs laying around…here are 20 games your kids can play with Easter plastic eggs!

20 Plastic Egg Easter Games for Kids by oh rubbish blog

 20 Plastic Egg Easter Games for Kids

:: Egg Head ::

Who can balance the egg on their head the longest.

:: Egg Chomp ::

Race to see who could make their plastic egg eat the most jelly beans/ mini marshmallows in 15 seconds. Optional: Add some face details with permanent marker.

:: Egg Flip ::

Open the plastic eggs, then try flipping them into basket, my hitting them with your finger on the inside corners.

:: Egg Delivery ::

Whoever can transfer the most eggs on a spoon from one side to the other wins. For little ones, do the basic egg spoon relay race.
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:: Bas-egg-ball ::

Toss plastic eggs into a basket. Variations: Add several baskets and/or different height levels (provide different point levels for each).
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:: Bunny Nose Race ::

Push the plastic egg with your nose, across the table from start to finish line. Alternative: Blow the eggs instead.

:: Egg Roll ::

Roll a plastic egg across the lawn with a large ladle from start to finish line.
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:: Egg-samine Closely ::

Place 3 half eggs sides down, put marshmallow/cotton ball inside one of them, mix them up, and try to figure out where it is.
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:: Egg Tower ::

Who can stack up half eggs on top of each other the highest.
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:: Egg-celent Memory ::

Place an even number of half eggs facing down (more for older kids, less for younger kids). Then place two of the same objects under them. Play classic game of memory.
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:: Scrambled Eggs ::

Take apart all the plastic eggs and mix together. Whoever puts the most eggs back together (same color top and bottom) wins.
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:: Hot Egg ::

Play the classic game of Hot Potato.
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:: Egg Toss ::

Two players stand across from each other, tossing the egg back and forth, winner is whose ever egg doesn’t fall and crack open.
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:: Golden Egg Bocce ::

Roll colored plastic eggs to see who can get the closest to the golden egg without touching it.
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:: Smelly Eggs ::

Place different scents inside the eggs and try to guess what’s inside (try dipping cotton balls in different scents if they don’t fit).
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:: Noisy Eggs ::

Place different objects inside and try to guess what’s inside.
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:: Get Egged ::

Just like the game of tag, but instead of touching the other player to be ‘it’, you get egged!
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:: Egg-spand Your Lungs ::

Using a straw, suck half an egg from one plate to another. Player with most half eggs in 15 seconds wins.
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:: Eggs and O’s ::

Draw or use sticks to make a tic-tac-toe line, choose 2 colors of plastic eggs, grab an opponent and then use egg halves to play the game.
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:: Nighty-Night Eggs ::

Place glow in the dark bracelets inside to make them glow. Play hide n seek.
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