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Looking for different Easter Bunny gift ideas? I’ve got you covered!
Here you can still get the traditional items, but in a whole new way!

Easter Trails :: Easter Basket Alternative :: oh! rubbish! blog

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Easter Trails :: Easter Basket Alternative :: oh! rubbish! blog

:: Here’s What You’ll Need ::

All sorts of chocolate, candies, treats and any gift items you would normally put into your Easter Baskets.
I also added some gifts for the end of the Bunny Trails.

1 color wrapping paper PER child. (For example: Yellow for one child, purple for second child)
Scotch Tape
Plastic Easter Eggs and a Golden Egg
Poem: Easter Trails Letter Printable

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:: Here’s What To Do ::

Place all the small chocolate, treats and candies inside the plastic Easter eggs. Then, assign one color per child. Then wrap all the items that you would normally purchase for an Easter basket (that don’t fit inside the plastic eggs) and wrap them for that child in that color.

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Then on the night before Easter, leave the printable letter at the start of the Bunny Trail (in their room by their beds).  I wrote their names on the first item on their trail, so they knew which color was theirs.

Easter Trails :: Easter Basket Alternative :: oh! rubbish! blog:: Easter Baskets Kids :: Easter Bunny Letters Free :: Easter Egg Trail Ideas :: 

Then alternate the plastic eggs along with the different color coded gifts per child and leave a trail all along your house, leading from their room to the golden egg.

Easter Trails :: Easter Basket Alternative :: oh! rubbish! blog
: Easter Baskets Ideas :: Easter Bunny Letters Kids :: Free Easter Bunny Letters :: 

At the end of the Easter Bunny trails, the Easter Bunny left them small presents along with the golden egg.

Here’s ANOTHER GREAT IDEA on adding a different twist to the traditional Easter Baskets.
An Easter Bunny Maze! Check out my other post here.
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Do you have any other unique Easter traditions you’d like to share?
Please do so in the comments below!

Easter Baskets can be cool, But for this Easter, Let’s change the rules! No baskets…just trails, Follow your color, to the end, A surprise…you will unveil!
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