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magical reindeer food by: oh! rubbish! blog

:: Magic Reindeer Food Recipe Poem :: Printable :: Oatmeal Glitter Reindeer Food ::

Help guide Santa’s sleigh to your house on Christmas Eve with this Magic Reindeer Food! ::Here’s the Reindeer Food Recipe Poem :: Sprinkle on the lawn at night, The moon will make it sparkle bright. Santa’s reindeer fly and roam. This will help them find your home. :: What you’ll need :: Oatmeal Glitter (any colors) Sandwich or snack-sized ziploc… Read more →

Norad Tracks Santa App

:: Whether Your Kids are Tracking Santa Christmas Eve or Tracking Santa Claus Right Now…HERE’S HOW! ::

The two best ways on how to get your kids to TRACK SANTA NOW. These sites not only provide a way to track Santa, but provides games, music, movies, and activities as well. Making them BOTH my absolute favorites during this time of year! 1. Norad Tracks Santa http://www.noradsanta.org/ :: True Story on how NORAD Tracks Santa came to be :: In 1955 a… Read more →

Magic Mail Stationery Kit

:: Hallmark Magic Mail :: Product Review :: Northpole Magic Mail Stationery Kit ::

This is one of those amazingly magical products!! The kind you wished you had when you were a kid! Hallmark has really outdone themselves this time! This Magic Mail Stationery is just that….MAGICAL!  You get to write to Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Elves,  North Pole Baker, North Pole Weatherman, and/or Reindeer Trainer and they write back! The best part is that is that the mailbox… Read more →

Santa Mail

:: How to Send a Letter to Santa & How Santa Writes Back! :: :: Free Christmas Letters from Santa :: Official Letter from Santa ::

Year after year, our little ones are sending their wish lists to Santa, but wouldn’t it be nice for Santa to write back? Even better, its postmarked from the NORTH POLE! And even BETTER, it’s FREE! Here’s what you need to do:   Have your kids write their letters to Santa.  Place it in a large envelope (DON’T SEAL IT… Read more →

:: Santa Letter Template Free Printable :: Thanks for the Milk & Cookies Santa Reply Letter Template ::

:: Thanks for Cookies Santa :: Blank Santa Claus Letter Template ::  Year after year, Santa gets left milk and cookies! And you would think, he’s got to have an official letter for that, right? After all, that’s a lot of boys and girls he’s got to say thanks to! Well, here it is! The official “Thanks for the milk and cookies!” letter… Read more →