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If you’re looking for bathroom walls decorating ideas, pencil drawing ideas for your walls, or some homemade wall art ideas…here’s a simple one to do! There isn’t a particular stencil I used, I simply completed the look freehand style (I might be creative, but trust me, I’m not artistic….anyone can do this!). The only thing you really need to complete this project is a pencil, good eraser and black permanent marker. The first thing you need to figure out is the overall size and location of your art on the wall. Then work from the inside out. I first wrote “YOU LOOK FINE” lightly in pencil and in cursive, making sure you separate the letters a bit from each other (to give you space when you go over them in permanent marker). Then start to create swirls coming out of your letters and going around your lettering in bits. Do your complete design in pencil, until you have achieved the look you like. Then, trace over it in permanent black marker.

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If you don’t feel comfortable doing it freehand, then type in “swirly frame images” or “swirly border images” into Google search and you should be able to find one that you like. Use it as a guide or print them onto a paper. You should then be able to trace over them on your wall using a ball point pen (just enough to leave slight indentation marks on the wall). Then trace over it with a permanent black marker.

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And yes….it will LOOK JUST FINE!

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