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:: DIY :: Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet :: Recycled Jewelry Ideas ::

Whether you are looking for Wonder Woman costume accessories, Wonder Woman cuff bracelets, recycled jewelry projects or a super hero bracelet for your next DC Super Friends birthday party, here’s a quick and easy project for you! :: Here’s what you’ll need ::    * Upcycled cardboard from a mailing/packaging tape or Duct Tape. (TIPS: Slide your hand in to make… Read more →


::KEEP JACK HAPPY:: How To Preserve Your Carved Pumpkin :: Helping Your Jack-o-Lantern Survive ‘Til Halloween::

:: How To Preserve Carved Pumpkins :: So you carved your pumpkin! It looks awesome! But, after a few days, it’s not looking so good anymore. And if you live in a warmer climate, like Miami, it’s looking even worse! Luckily, all you need is your kitchen sink and some bleach! ::How To Preserve Pumpkins ::  Fill your kitchen sink… Read more →

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas :: How Pumpkins Are Made :: Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas ::

Most people assume you place a pumpkin seed in some dirt and watch it slowly grow into pumpkins….however, some have other philosophies on just how pumpkins are really made! Creative pumpkin carving ideas submitted by Alfred and Nikki. Thanks for sharing! Anyone and everyone…feel free to submit any other cool pumpkin carving ideas you might have! Read more →

:: Monster Treat Eyes :: Halloween Joke Gram :: Halloween Party Favors :: Halloween School Favor Ideas ::

:: What you’ll need :: Upcycled Cardboard Ruler Scissors Glue Printables (provided) Low-temperature glue gun Eyeball chocolates, gum Colored paper or cardstock Eyelet setter tool (optional) Colored pencils or markers (optional) :: Step 1 :: Measure and cut upcycled cardboard into 3.5″ squares. :: Step 2 :: Print monster printable and joke captions printable (provided below) on desired colored paper. Cut each… Read more →

:: Upcycled Towel Monsters :: Halloween Craft Ideas :: Recycling Projects Kids ::

 Here’s a great Halloween craft idea using upcycled towels! :: What you’ll need :: Upcycled towels Scissors Hot glue gun Ruler Buttons (for the eyes) Gray & Black Felt   :: FOR THE GHOST:: :: Step 1 :: Using an upcycled towel, measure and cut your lil’ monster. Ours was 5.5″. Make it double layer with the folded part on top.… Read more →

:: DIY Zombie Plants :: Zombie Halloween Decorating Ideas ::

Whether you are looking for an outdoor Halloween decoration idea or just zombie party decorations ideas, here are two ideas to get your started! :: Here’s what you’ll need :: Plastic hand Plastic eyeballs Skewers Planting pots Dirt Printable Sign (provided) Upcycled cardboard (slightly larger than the size of a 8.5″ x 11″ paper) Ball point pen Black permanent marker Wood burner… Read more →